Monday, 9 August 2010

Unexpected encounters

On my first night in Edinburgh it was Michael Urie. Last night, I did not bump into any global TV star but I had a couple of very unexpected encounters, still with an international flavour. First it was Guy Fletcher, an Israeli guy I once met at club Caligula in London. He had flown over from New York, just before going back to Israel, and was chatting with a couple of guys outside the New Town bar, which was hosting one of its usual Sunday fundraisers during the Festival. Then French performance artist Tonny (Sweet’n’Sour) Ajoup, whom I had not seen for a while back in London, unexpectedly turned up at my show. He’s choreographing Pedal Pusher at the Fringe.

The second night of In the Name of the Flesh may not have been as well attended as the first one, but the audience reception was still warm. People who have seen my show are using superlatives when recommending it to others. Positive superlatives, I hasten to add. I just hope this will keep the audiences coming.

In the Name of the Flesh. Every night until the 17th, 23;00, Banshee Labyrinth (Cinema), Niddry St., a very central location.

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