Friday, 13 August 2010

Every night is different!

The fringe is random, the fringe is unpredictable, the fringe is a roller coaster ride, exhausting, nerve wracking. The fringe is so young! But then, I knew most of this before I came..., didn't I?

At least, last night (Thursday), the sixth night (!), we finally managed to set up all the video/sound/projector connections and make it all work seamlessly without requiring support from the bar staff. For the first time!

Yesterday we went to see our third paying (as opposed to free) show, Derevo's widely acclaimed 'Harlekin'. The show had its moments, many of them very pretty. Scenes I particulary enjoyed include: the effect of having two competing audiences clapping both sides of the curtain, a red capsicum used to represent the heart pouring out of the chest of the male protagonist & then being carelessly devoured by his ruthless female lover, the wooden cross of a nursing nun turning into the wooden support from which hang the strings of a puppet, a female performer crossing the stage as though she was a cut-out paper doll. The three performers in the show were great. But, by and large, the show failed to engage me. There was not much in terms of story, in my opinion. It was all form over substance - as seems to be the norm at the Fringe this year from what I have experienced... (Am I being too fussy?) But, yes, it was pretty and atmospheric.

I also took my slot at The Two (not so) Gentlemen of Comedy Present: Comedé Varité Totalé - Fréé at the Banshee. Unfortunately, the hosts did not fulfill their promise of stripping naked when introducing my act. We then attended Utter! Filth, which included a nice, trousers-dropping, set from Chris Young (my Glam Slam champion 2010) and a fun poem from Mr. Utter! himself, Richard Tyrone Jones.

(The run of In the Name of the Flesh in Edinburgh is past its Equator and Ernesto is still waiting for that elusive review... panting...)

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  1. "Harlekin" sounds amazing... I'm glad to hear things eventually ran seamlessly!