Saturday, 14 August 2010

It's nice to win something now and again

So, yes. I won last night's Hammer and Tongue poetry slam!

That means I am taking part in the Slam Final on Tuesday just before the last showing of "In the Name of the Flesh" at the Edinburgh Fringe... Let's see what happens...

Yesterday we had a very quiet day. We spent most of it at the flat.

In the early evening, I took my slot at 'Utter! Ghoulies.' I think I scared some of the audience... (pictures on the right taken by Richard Tyrone Jones)

Last night's show was mostly attended by rowdy (and somewhat disruptive) young kids, who nevertheless clapped throughout, cheered and got their photographs taken with me at the end while flashing their pierced nipples (male nipples, I should add) and quoting a line from the last poem of the show containing the phrase "pierced nipples". One of the boys added: 'You can lick them if you like...'. There was also this lovely Spanish girl, from Zaragoza, who was very supportive and appreciative. And one or two quieter gay young men.

We went to bed relatively early. Knackered.

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