Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Ending on a high

On our last full day in Edinburgh we watched two shows: the powerful "Mysterious Skin" (which, in my opinion, works much better as a play than as a film) and the often exhilarating "Belt Up's Death of Lorca."

I also participated in the Hammer & Tongue Slam Final (where my delivery of "the bellybutton poem" received an 'alright' score; I was obviously more concerned with my own show than with the outcome of the slam at that point).

I think I can confidently say that the final performance of In the Name of the Flesh in Edinburgh was a success. The night, which was well attended, ended with warm and sustained applause (leading to an ultimate sense of personal satisfaction). The audience included the lovely Ben Walters from Time Out, some of the sweet Drama students (from the Figs in Wigs troupe) that I met the Sunday before at Eat Your Heart Out and - presumably too - a reviewer from Three Weeks, of whom I never heard again. A young male member of the audience asked me, after the show, where he could find my poems published. The flattery earned him two copies of my 'Edinburgh poetry pamphlet' at a bargain price.

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