Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Coincidences and things

Tuesday night (the fourth one for In the Name of the Flesh) was also very good. It was one of the best attended nights, the most raucuous, the one with the most enthusiastic audience response, and the one with the largest collection of donations at the door... So far.

When I find the time, I will blog in detail about the coincidences that happened on Tuesday: Scottee and his entourage in the outskirts of town; the beautiful boy who looked like a pedestrian version of Jon Kortajarena in A Single man; the American actor of Muslim Lebanese descent who plays the Israeli straight man in the show "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy", the American woman (whom we had met the the night before with Tom Webb) and David Mills.

On Tuesday I took my first slot at Itsy Collective's Kabarett, where the photographs below where taken.

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