Thursday, 5 August 2010

More about “In the Name of the Flesh”

What can people expect? Something unusual and unconventional. A mixture of spoken word and video. Story telling, poetry. Surreal elements. Sexy elements. Lots of funny elements. References to low and high brow cultures and alternative lifestyles. The main contents of my show are: language (spoken by me on stage or handwritten, typed, spoken or sung by other people in the video clips), communication (or lack thereof), sexual intimacy (the games of desire) and the body (in its entirety).

What is new and different about it?
I would highlight its multidisciplinarity (literature, moving image, performance), the diversity of its wide ranging material (both in performance and on video) and its unpredictability. During the show, one never really knows what is going to happen next. There is a playful dialogue between live performance and video material. A sequence of spoken word pieces is interspersed with video clips showing images and sounds that resonate with what the performer has been doing or saying on stage. But how these links work is not predictable and will, often, surprise and, hopefully, amuse the audience. The content and style vary widely from one piece to the next, partly to ensure the audience’s interest is kept alive throughout. References to low and high brow cultures coexist and the boundaries between the public and the private are blurred.

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