Saturday, 14 August 2010

My show is not conceived as a comedy show

I feel trapped in a Borgian dystopia of damning misclassification!

It may be too late now. But this clarification is needed: "In the Name of the Flesh" is NOT a comedy show. If you expect standard stand-up and easy laugh-out loud humour, the production is probably not for you. It is a multimedia spoken-word show. The reason why the show appears in the "Comedy" category of the Fringe is because there is no "Spoken Word" category in the Fringe programme. My show is part of the "spoken word" section of Peter Buckley Hill's Free Fringe (and clearly signposted as "spokewn word" in the Free Fringe programme). However most Free Fringe spoken word shows appear in the "Comedy" category in the general Fringe programme, even if technically they aren't comedy. Now I realise I should have put my show in the "Theatre" section of the Fringe programme. I suspect this would have made people approach it in a different way.

Having said that, "In the Name of the Flesh" does have humorous elements. Although it's not stand-up comedy, people do laugh during the production -- often loudly.

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