Thursday, 19 August 2010

Colourful titles at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010

A selected few:

  1. A young man dressed as a gorilla dressed as an old man sits rocking in a rocking chair for fifty-six minutes and then leaves 2
  2. The Head Girl, the Gap Year, and Sue Ellen
  3. A Study of Embarrassment by a Guy With Two Bumholes
  4. Too middle-class for Chlamydia
  5. Sex and Hugs and Forward Rolls
  6. Penelope Cruz Doesn't Eat Sand
  7. The Typhoid Marys
  8. Robert White's Outrageously Peculiar Organ
  9. Sex, Lies and the KKK
  10. The inconsiderate aberrations of Billy the Kid
  11. Mushy ate my credit card
  12. Call me old fascist
  13. Shit Theatre presents: A shit poster presenting Shit Theatre
  14. The Lonely Mortician’s Guide To Myiasis
  15. Quiz in my pants
  16. Don’t Happy, Be Worry
  17. I, Claudia
  18. A Perhaps-Too-Intimate Evening of Music and Hilarity
  19. A Matter of Life, Death and Middle-Distance Running
  20. Kevin Eldon is Titting About
  21. Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog
  22. Inglorious Stereo
  23. The Three Stigmata of Pacman
  24. Girl Constantly F***ing Interrupted
  25. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Reloaded

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