Thursday, 12 August 2010

Things people are saying about my show


"It felt Daliesque to me" (Mike Mosallam)


"It's different... But good! Different in a good way!"

"The videos are hilarious. A well thought out show, very well put together. Very polished." (David Mills)

[19 Aug 2010 UPDATE]:

"colourful" (Richard Tyrone Jones)

"a stripping gay spoken word maestro" (ThreeWeeks)

"Surreal – with its talk of detached navels. Thoughtful – lesbian invisibility is always worth a worthy comment. Unique – you don’t meet talking penises every day – even on the Fringe... clear literacy... intellectual endeavour... The most interesting part was the video compilation of shots of London Pride which had my companion and I on the edge of our seats looking for familiar faces." (John Hein)

[25 Aug 2010 UPDATE]:
“the provocative nude poetry and witty videos of Ernesto Sarezale” ( Ben Walters)

[post-fringe UPDATE]:
"wow, isn’t that Ernesto Sarezale?" (Russell Thompson) :)

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