Monday, 13 February 2012

Looking back at 2011

A few weeks before Christmas 2011, I bumped into a punter at Horse MeatDisco who told me: “Hey, didn’t I see you perform in Edinburgh last year? I bought your booklet, remember? You were amazing!” I already alluded to this punter earlier in this blog:
This interaction prompted me to look back at what I had written here at the beginning of 2011 and try and figure out how many of the goals I had set myself back then I had actually achieved – how and to what extent. The goals were perhaps too ambitious. First and foremost it is obvious that, early on, I gave up on my intention to bring my Edinburgh show (In the Name of the Flesh) to other festivals or venues around London. I was feeling exhausted at the beginning of the year and the prospect seemed like too much hard work to me at that point – so I did not even attempt it. Another planned activity that did not progress as much as I had anticipated was the creation of new videos. In 2011, I preferred to focus my creative efforts on: hosting and promoting my poetry events (Glam Slam UK and Velvet Tongue) and writing.

Keeping that in mind, I list here some of my highlights of 2011:
o   My performance at Ronnie Scotts, on the same bill as the legendary Michael Horovitz, for Jumoke Fashola’s Jazz Verse Juke Box
o   Performing alongside Erasure’s Andy Bell at Paul Burston’s queer literary salon, Polari, in the Southbank
  • I also did quite a bit of writing throughout the year: blog entries, poems and fiction pieces, some of which will be seeing the light soon
  • …as well as countless drafts (for poems, plays, short stories, scripts performance pieces – e.g. The Couch) on which I intend to keep on working…
As regards 2012, my plans include:
  • a stronger focus on writing (poetry, fiction, performance material) and on publishing
  • a consolidation of my erotic literary soirée, Velvet Tongue
  • further developing my forthcoming one-man show, “The Pornographic You”
  • …and other bits and pieces still to be defined